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How should I dress for an interview with Scooter's Coffee?
For a local store position – no need to bust out your formal wear, business casual will fly with us. A nice pair of slacks and a button-up shirt for the guys, and modest dresses, skirts, slacks or blouses will be suitable for the ladies. We do recommend a good hair comb, however. Corporate positions – crank it up a notch, you know the drill.
What should I bring with me?
Besides your sparkling smile and your outgoing personality, we recommend bringing your A-game. In all seriousness, bring a copy of your resume with you. Be prepared to answer questions on why you’d be a great fit in the Scooter’s Coffee community.
What should I highlight on my resume?
Start with all of the basics, and then add extra emphasis on customer service, teamwork and leadership. Make your best qualities shine so bright that we’ll need to bust out our wayfarers.
What are the benefits?
Scooter’s Coffee offers a competitive benefits package for management team members and full-time corporate employees, including a 401(k) program.
What's it like to be a part of the Scooter's Coffee Family?
It’s amazing, of course! CLICK HERE to get the scoop on what employees really think of their profession. Talk about juicy!
Do I need a Bachelor's Degree to be a Scooter's Manager?
No, but it is preferred. Don’t sweat it, though! Restaurant or retail experience along with the right skills will also get you in the Scooter’s Coffee red door.
Can I be a Scooter's Coffee Manager if I've never run a store before?
We can never say never (oops), but your chances are tough if you’ve never managed a restaurant or retail store. BUT, if you’re a rockstarista working your way up, or you’re open to starting as an assistant manager, you’ve got potential for your future as a manager!