Barista / Team Member
A Barista/Team Member is responsible for delivering Scooter’s Coffee World-Class Service Standards by being knowledgeable, efficient and providing an energizing guest experience with a contagious smile. But that’s not all! Baristas/Team Members should be able to demonstrate a strong understanding of all Scooter’s Coffee products and recipes, and clearly communicate this information to both guests and the store team. Basically, know the information blindfolded!
Manager in Training
A Manager In Training (MIT) is responsible for leading and managing shifts, while working alongside their trusty Store Manager in preparation for becoming a Store Manager. When leading a shift they will deploy Barista/Team Members as required to meet Scooter’s Coffee demands and make necessary key staffing decisions. MITs show strong leadership, administrative, organizational and customer service skills while preparing for their ongoing career growth within Scooter’s Coffee.
Store Manager
A Store Manager (SM) is responsible for overall operations, guest experience, sales performance, hiring and execution of brand excellence in their store. The SM is responsible for maximizing sales and profits while minimizing cost of goods at the store level. The SM must set the standard of guest service in the store by developing strong store Manager in Training candidates and Baristas.
Training Manager
Training Store Managers (TSMs) are responsible for delivering all of the same duties as a regular Store Manager at Scooter’s Coffee but at the higher level. TSMs set the example for other SM’s in the system and are responsible for training future Store Managers and new Franchisees so they can take over their own stores in the future.
Field Service Operation Manager
A Field Service Operation Manager (FSOM) is responsible for leading, challenging and coaching sales volume, store operations, cost of goods and labor for multiple stores in a regional area. The FSOM must maintain and develop a strong management team and a strong pipeline of MIT candidates to ensure consistency across stores and enhance customer service.
Franchise Support Manager
A Franchise Support Manager (FSM) is responsible for monitoring functionality of franchise stores and ensuring that managers and baristas perform duties in accordance with corporate policies and procedures. The FSM essentially acts as a consultant to franchisees, offering support on growing store volume, store operations, cost of goods, labor and brand consistency.